Fivil is av vocal duo that uses the solistic tradition of norwegian folk song as base, and weaves together melodies lines and stories from old and new, sings fiddletunes and takes the audience on a journey from dancefloor to cradle. The duo released its debutalbum in 2015 and has since done over 200 concerts with Concerts Norway. In 2018 they are launching a new project, songs with texts from the loved norwegian poet Aa. O. Vinje, who celebrates 200 years this year.

”They make pearls out of old songs, and spins velknown melodylines around their vocal chords until the music gets dizzy” – Kjetil A. Bjørgan, Klassekampen

(…their..) voices grabs us as listeners and hold us glued to our chairs. – Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts*


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Fivil has released the singel «Kling No Klokka» on their own label and it is available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon and can be listened to on Spotify!

We hope you enjoyed our music so much that you would like to purchase your own copy!
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